How To Make Soto Ayam (Indonesian Chicken Soup) Video tutorial how to cook Indonesian favorite chicken soup, Soto Ayam.
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5 Responses to How To Make Soto Ayam (Indonesian Chicken Soup)

  1. nattienut says:

    kan jadi kangen indo :( will definitely try someday, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. 2010mohajer says:

    I used to eat nasi soto Ayam almost everyday when I was in Jakarta and I always wanted to learn how to cook it myself . the problem is I do not know the name of those vegetables and it’s a barrier for me to understand the video . although I can speak sidikit bahasa indonesia ! Jawad from Australia

  3. chiruls says:

    thank a lot..

  4. lexataniara says:

    kasih english subtitle-nya dong. teman ku dari filiphine sampai datang ke aku karena minta di terjemahin. dia bilang “Look tasty, but how to cook it?…. what are the ingredients?”….. terima kasih ya resepnya.

  5. RosaArizona says:

    terima kasih utk resep dan cara membuatnya,
    apalagi lagi cara membuat sambalnya.
    thanks baru tahu bikin sambalnya pakai kemiri juga.
    ini sangat berguna utk sy.
    sy sudah coba respnya Sylvi,bahkan sy ditambah kentang rebus yang telah digoreng dan emping goreng,
    thanks ya.
    wah lekker banget deh.

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